Bifolding Doors

A folding door from Lacuna is the alternative to a traditional lift and sliding door and gives you in addition to a much larger opening also greater flexibility. Imagine your living room blending in with the terrace, or transforming your kitchen into an outdoor kitchen by simply pulling a door to the side.


The Lacuna folding door is customised and manufactured for each project. We are able to customise our doors so they fit with other types of windows and doors in your home. There are endless possibilities and combinations with regards to width, height, frame type, colour internally and externally, glass type, handle type and much more.

All in all ... you always get a folding door that exactly matches the look you want!


Our Suppliers

Bereco bespoke timber Doors offer the finest high performance components, secure locking systems, laminated glazing and 3D adjustable hinges as standard. 

Creative Range Entrance Doors are an exclusive collection of 10 ultra-modern door designs crafted using sharp lines and flush panels. 

French Doors incorporate high security espagnolette locking systems and fully adjustable hinge systems. The modern interpretation of a French Door is a lipped design where the door leaf is proud of the frame, whilst the classic one is flush. Bereco French doors are available with a variety of sidelights, fanlights and panels within the doors to suit the room design. 

Create open spaces with our large spanning timber sliding patio doors, operated and carried safely and effortlessly without the use of force. The large glass areas and door leaf sizes offered with our timber sliding patio doors make the perfect partner to the tilt and turn window when creating a contemporary home with a minimalist design. 

The Rationel doors are constructed using a frame and sash which can be delivered with glazing bars and or transoms and mullions. The areas created can be infilled either with glass or a composite insulated panel. Doors that open outwards or inwards.

The entrance door is the gateway to a house. It is important to carefully consider the opening and closing functions and the designs available. 

Panelled doors are available as either inward or outward opening. The doors are hung on grey powder coated adjustable hinges and fitted with a minimum three-point locking espagnolette bolt. The panelled doors can be manufactured with a wide range of patterns and vision panels. 

Terrace doors are available as either inward or outward opening and are ideal for access to balconies, gardens and patios. Terrace doors over 650mm wide have an inbuilt friction brake, operated by turning the handle down in any given position. They are hung on grey dachomat adjustable hinges and fitted with a minimum three- point locking espagnolette bolt. A Terrace door from Rationel is made to measure and therefore always matches your needs perfectly. 

The window door is outward opening only and is ideal for access to balconies, gardens and patios. The slim construction is letting a maximum of day light and heat into the house without compromising with functionality, security and comfort. 

Tilt & Turn doors function in two ways. For ventilation the door is tilted in at the top. To open, the sash is Sidehung and opens inwards. This opening type is available in Rationel AURAPLUS.

Our Installations